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  1. That means the siege will be overlapping with the Olympiad. We will be put in the position of choosing between siege and oly.. not ideal.
  2. Why target Adema? He is worthless.
  3. 277k rubles = 184k + 50%бонус. общее пожертвование составляло 2500 евро. Откуда у тебя 7000, ты идиот? Вы слабы в игровом процессе и в виду. Вы были унижены на каждом сервере, на котором вы играли, и вас тоже будут унижать. 2,5 тыс. Евро не много. Это то, что я провожу за одну неделю, когда мне скучно. Я даже не играю серьезно на этом сервере. Все, что вы можете сделать, это ложь и оскорбление, вы грустный маленький человек.
  4. Tarot nerfed. 3k tarots and only 1 kelbim fragment? are you serios? i won't buy any more tarots until you fix that crap.
  5. @ sahonya07 Why are you trying to recruit with someone else's fraps? I do not really see your name in the blue chat. Damn donators, I hate them. Did you ask for Anarchy's permission to go to the same clan with her? :)
  6. Hi guys, can we have a list with the store content and prices?
  7. Hi buddy, to be honest, I don't really know how to do it. I've just recorded it in game and it turned out to be 13GB so I have used an .avi encoder to reduce the size. I'm sure there is loads of software out there and a lot of players use it to "fraps" but since i'm not a regular frapser, I can't really be bothered to go into more detail with it. As I have said, this video is for information purposes only so that people could decide if it's worth buying tarots or not. In my opinion it's worth it even more now since the updated drop list. I have also got 2 full PVP weapons and 1 PVE weapon, about 20 dark/light assassin appearances, 7 Insanity talismans, 2 Longing, hundreds of enchants, Gem R, over 1000 EOD and a lot more. I think I have gained over 100b worth of items from it and it's definitely better than it used to be. @Furya : You are so right. I'm really ashamed of my ignorance. I was so frustrated about inventory space that I didn't think I could help someone else by dropping them. Very good shout and thank you for pointing it out. @Bro : Sarcasm is a sign of intelligence and I will give you that. However small it might be it doesn't really matter because reading through your posts makes my heart grow knowing that there are people like you out there. Although i cannot see value in your post, I am a tolerant guy and me replying to you here is just my way of patting you on the back saying: "atta boy"
  8. Hi guys, I've opened 1000 tarots live. If you were ever wondering if it's worth investing in Tarot, here is your answer. I have previously opened several batched of 500 without any spectacular result. sorry about the silent video, I can't find the patience to start rendering and editing. This is for information purposes only. Regards, Kinky
  9. Hi guys, thanks for posting. I'm happy to see people getting involved on the forums because I did feel a lack of activity server wise. Anarchy is not very boosted, and she does a great job considering her gear and computer. I'm eager to see more fraps from our enemies and I love seeing Hero and his CP on the battle field. There is nothing I enjoy more than friendly competition and good players with positive attitude. See you on the battlefield guys Regards, Kinky