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  1. You have to understand that things that harm your interests will not get good results.
  2. You have to understand that we have been playing since the opening of the service, so we are all in the liver with more people and less people. You can get your 2.5gp, but don't damage our interests.
  3. You have to understand that GP is also a kind of enjoyment. In a word, it will erase our half year efforts. This is unreasonable in itself. We put in time and energy. Is it reasonable that just a few words of new players disappear like this?
  4. Is it reasonable for you to waste half a year's efforts in a few words? Is it reasonable for managers to participate in the game?
  5. We spent time and energy getting GP. Just because of your words, we lost half a year's efforts. Is that reasonable? Shouldn't it be up to your new players to try their best to get GP instead of managers to intervene in the game. Is it so glamorous? You can give new players some new rewards, or get GP channel.
  6. 游戏的公平应该体现在所有的一切都由玩家自己在游戏中实现,而不应该是管理者参与。之前有一个2.5的版本管理者参与游戏从而倒闭的先例,希望AKAME你慎重慎重。 The fairness of the game should be reflected in that all things are realized by the players themselves in the game, not the managers. Before, there was a precedent that 2.5 version managers participated in the game and closed down. I hope you will be careful with Akame.
  7. 中国有一句老话,没有付出就没有回报。我们付出了时间,精力,金钱,仅仅就因为一些还没有登录游戏就已经要求这么多的玩家所左右。你能保证这些新玩家能留下来多少?而扣除了GP又会有多少老玩家离开?我们没有使用任何违规的方法获得GP,仅仅因为几句话就损失掉,你认为会造成怎样的结果。你可以开通更多的获得GP的渠道,以激励新人。而不是过河拆桥。希望你慎重,祝愿所有人圣诞节快乐! There is an old Chinese saying that there is no return without giving. We have paid time, energy, money, just because some have not yet logged into the game has asked so many players around. How many new players can you guarantee to stay? How many old players will leave after deducting GP? We didn't use any illegal method to get GP. We lost it just because of a few words. What do you think will be the result. With more GP channels, you can get more incentive. It's not a bridge. I hope you will be careful
  8. The Tianzu gun Hoho has been banned for using a plug-in,Name change Jonggi You can get rid of the ban after you change your name?Gungun star has only one rank of general, which is too obvious。
  9. The gun star Hoho of the Tian clan ,Abnormal damage, abnormal attack speed,Skill guns can be moved and released。