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  1. Перепроверьте клиент через ланчер ( "Дополнительно", "Перепроверить клиент" ). Если это не поможет, обратитесь в техподдержку
  2. Dear friends! Today we are honored to announce the launch of Blade and Soul Open Beta-Test. In the best traditions of GameCoast, the server will use the official gaming platform, which certainly guarantees players the original work of all game mechanisms. OBT start is scheduled for October 9, 18:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC) During the OBT process, you can test all the aspects and mechanics that interest you for performance. Throughout the testing, we will make the necessary adjustments to the server settings and the game store, preparing it for the grand opening. All dungeons and mechanics will be available to players - you can immediately check their work. The game version is current and will be updated as updates become available. The testing process will include such works as: debugging the server; optimization of the anti-cheat protection system; gradual addition of developments; checking the interactions of various game settings (premium, availability and correct operation of dungeons, items from the store); store setup and price adjustment. During the OBT process, players will have access to free items that will make the testing process more comfortable. Also, it is important to pay attention, at the end of the OBT all game achievements, including characters, will be removed. OBT start is scheduled for October 9, 18:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC) Create an account | Download files Waiting for you!
  3. Титулы будут выданы как и другие призы в течении нескольких дней
  4. Обратитесь, пожалуйста, в техподдержку.
  5. Напишите, пожалуйста, в сообщения группы
  6. Dear Friends, with new update Kamael. Ch. 5 we launch lovely event Letter Collector Event Period The event will start on Midgard x5 after maintenance on September 14 and ends on September 28. Available for characters with level 40 or higher. Event interface will disappear on September 30. All letters must be exchanged before the specified date. Event Items The following items will be deleted during maintenance on September 30. All Event Letters Letter Pouch (TALES) Letter Pouch (All) Event Description You need to hunt monsters during the event period to collect letters Note that when hunting for "blue" monsters (11 or more levels difference) event items do not drop. When the "AOE-attack" of monsters, when using a usual attack or skills that cause damage on several targets at the same time, there is drop penalty of event items (the chance of drop is reduced to 33%). Event letters are dropped on the ground, you need to pick them up. Event letters cannot be obtained from raid bosses and their minions, but can be obtained in Ancient Pirates Tomb. All letters are not tradable. Note, that there are happy hours with the increased letter drop rate. This list below will help you to coordinate your actions: 00:00 – 10:00 - drop probability x1; 10:00 – 18:00 - drop probability x4; 18:00 – 00:00 - drop probability x8. The chance of drop event items directly depends on the number of characters simultaneously killing monsters at a time. It means that the chance of a drop usually decreases during peak hours (daytime and evening). For the even distribution of event items in the worlds during these hours, the above bonus to the drop rate is valid. How can I get a reward for the collected word? You need to make up the words LINEAGEII, NCSOFT and TALES. As soon as all the parts of the word are collected, the letters will become highlighted in the event window - this means that the reward can be obtained simply by clicking on the corresponding button. To receive a reward, the inventory must have at least one free slot. Click on the cube with the image of the letter on the sidebar to open the mini window of the event, and then the Button Collector of Letters - the main interface will appear. Then exchange the whole word for a reward by clicking on the Reward button above the corresponding word. You can only get the reward on the character of the 40th level or higher. For characters below the 40th level, the Reward button will be inactive. At the same time, the letters will drop in locations below the 40th level. Event Details LINEAGEII NCSOFT TALES
  7. Dear players, on this day we want to inform you about a really important event: the installation of the update Kamael: Part 5 for Lineage II: Classic servers. The update will be installed on September 14, at 11:00 Moscow time. When the servers will be disconnected, the updated version of the game client will be available for download in your launcher. Stay tuned for updates on this topic. Content patch receives some changes with update as Proof of Blood are no longer used - their rate is removed Jewel Coin are removed from daily quests Magic Lantern Event is no longer supported and removed Daily rewards with the Fragments of the Book of Transformation reward reworked Galladucci no longer sells Weapon Varnish and scrolls enchanting armor and weapons Updated content and prices of L-Coin store Updated content and prices of L2 Store Updated the list of Lucky Game rewards Hunting VIP points: slightly reduced the chance for monsters, but increased the allowed level difference from 3 to 5. Hunting Zones Priest Raid Bosses Items Random Crafting Creation System Clan Changes
  8. Ожидайте информацию на форуме.
  9. Dear friends, we are continuing to work on improving the server, correcting the shortcomings you told as about. On 08.09.2020 at 09:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC) will be the maintenance of the game server Fenrir x10. It will take about 30 minutes.
  10. Дорогие друзья, 08.09.2020 в 09:00 пройдет технический рестарт серверов Midgard x5. Продолжительность работ - 30 минут.
  11. Дорогие друзья, 08.09.2020 в 09:00 пройдет технический рестарт сервера Fenrir x10. Продолжительность - до 30 минут.
  12. Скажите, пожалуйста, свой ник.
  13. On Homunculus servers, you can't transfer any kind of personal items that are given to a character, and cannot be obtained in any other way. Example: Certificate - Dual Class
  14. На серверах Homunculus нельзя перенести любой вид личных предметов, которые выдаются на персонажа, и никаким другим способом получены быть не могут. Пример: Сертификат - Двойной Класс