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  1. Are there any punishments? Does the GC recognize this behavior as normal play?
  2. They don't prioritize attacks by class. There are three people who do not attack each other, but only attack the rest. Also, they are overflowing with Yuzijiang, the asmo assassin in the siege.
  3. Друзья! 15.07.2020 на нашем сервере будет запущен очередной игровой сезон. Дата окончания - 15.08.2020. Станьте одним из лучших PvP-игроков, участвуя в полях битвы, убивая и побеждая противников! Набирайте очки и выигрывайте призы! Обратите внимание! За 1 место топ-3 игроков вместо маунта/внешки игрок получает 1000 Coin. За 2 место топ-3 игроков вместо внешки - 600 Coin. Friends! 15.07.2020 Our server will be launched the next game season. End date is 08/15/2020. Become one of the best PvP players by participating in battlefields, killing and defeating opponents! Collect points and win prizes! Pay attention! For 1 place of the top 3 players, instead of the mount / external, the player receives 1000 Coin. For 2nd place, the top 3 players instead of the external - 600 Coin.