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  1. yes exactly.. you have your circle of ppl with who you grow up.. that why it that easy for you.. what about the ppl who dont have that chance..there is hard for 1single target to find a cp to lvl up
  2. exactly, with vitality exp is more faster.. u did 122 in 2 monts because you had help friends/twins to lvl up your main.. and you class helped you aswell to lvl up fast..a dagger class could go lvl 122 in 2 monts solo?
  3. everyone could do if there was more vit boost exp on server.. ppl who made lvl 124-126 they had vitality runes in bulk..from the mammon enchant staff event..
  4. not fair to change them now after ppl used 30=40k ruble to make that skills
  5. Right, 4 ppl use the brain and the other 200 use the ass:))
  6. well for sure there is a trick how they do the most dmg and take the big reward.. event on from 10 days=20 rewards= 4 or 5 ppl got all the 20 rewards
  7. you cant destroy what dont exist.. there is no economy/ this moment..ppl make more money by selling im than to play the event.. if u sell 50k im in 2 monts u double that.. if u play the event u may lose them all and get 20% of ur investition back..i also belive there are aloot of ppl they dont play lineage2 they play letsfukthemarket:))
  8. well, yes the economy sux.. but that have notting to do with lvl 126 and dw lv3..anyway there is to much adena on server that why the prices are high.. of there will be reduced adena drop as official there will be better economy
  9. is not that what every player wish? dw lv3 weapon and and high lvl? lineage2 will never be like it was few years ago.. admins cant do notting to change that
  10. you are right, i think he ment On 03.11.2021 at 18:30 Moscow time, 1 year to go:D
  11. you know im right but you dont want to admit it:D
  12. and even if u get only 112 claws for 55k is still better than the handfull of shirny event u gona need 60 70k im for 110 claws+