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  1. А я на асмах сином. Как ушел лет 6 назад с няхосайда на легенде, так и не хочу больше за белых бегать
  2. Танк Лисиц Сегодня видел тебя в подземке, правда, с фиолетовым ником
  3. Тот самый Агвир с легенды?
  4. There is a phrase in Russian language that will sound in english like "If you criticise something - you should offer something instead". What's your offer? If players feel bad about the situation - they should do smth on their own. As an example: there was the same disbalance at another RU server and when the players were too bored of it - the whole Hell Yeah legion has just moved to Asmo side and f*cked Ely mama.
  5. What do u think should administrator do to improve the balance? If a player want to have an ely character - he should have an opportunity to create it.