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  1. I'm the "Power of thousand" now, can i bid this cloud title? or if i can change this" power of thousand" to some words else?
  2. still have some problem with connection, my friends and i still disconnect with server many times after last restart of server. i will check it tomorrow.
  3. at least disconnect to server 10 times a day
  4. as i know , most of chinese players in asmo want 4.8. because many of them came from Aionlegend, they alrady played 4.6 for a long time. activity everyday, KPO/PA/TKNCAC, bastion```bastion````bastion and i think every player in this server want something new. i remember when phoniex4.6 started , there are 1000+ players in this server, but now, there are only 300+ players in siege every time. in my opinion , the main reason is, they already played 4.6 for a long time, its boring to do the samething everyday(KPO PA TKN bastion CAYPO)
  5. i have a suggestion about the AP boxes in the Katalam Underground. there are only boxes, but no events about that keys, especially the big yellow keys. this box stay here about a week, because few people have that key. So, if there any events about these keys in the near future?
  6. the siege and 3V3 time are wrong. compare to the russian topic.
  7. hi,boss. i created another Elyo's ID and put this ID to lv60, help us to finish the daily Символ кровавой битвы quest. if this action be banned now?
  8. Hi boss, how about the time of siege&3V3&6V6&12V12. as you know , there are 5 hours time difference between us, if there have any chance of opening the entrance of 6V6 or 12V12 in Beijing time 20:00 - 22:00 (Mocsow time 15:00-17:00)
  9. Hello Nekisa, miss u so much. still remember me? and ShieldZz Lalovely Okoye Elpsy Lostsouls also will come to this server. Do you know if Kappa will come to this server?