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  1. after server restart in May 6th 0am MSK time, there are still no AP boxes in Akaron.
  2. recently i cant log in discord. closing registration for Asmodian is a hurt for Growth in the number of servers Online. and recently thanks to your"powerful and unbeatable" siege buff for elyos, it reduces the number of asmo who join the siege almost 100. so there a some kind of balance in siege as you wish. the day before yesterday some of chinese new players asked me when will reg for asmo open, i said maybe 1-2 hours a week, they cant wait that time so they go 1.9 or other server. Dont you think we lost too much because of the idea of "siege balance"? by the way, some players in my legion afk one by one. there are two reasons mainly. first is ,they think GM stand on elyos side. we all came when this server started 1 year ago, there are almost 4 month, asmo had 0 fortness, and nothing such as siege buff like now, no closing reg for elyos, no huge gifts for new asmo compare to elyos newbie can get now. then its nothing to do in the daytime when there are not too much people online.i have some suggestion about quests to let them got something to do in the daytime , i told to eshined.
  3. 1. if we want Kaldor siege, we should not go low abyss siege, or elyos will get 10-15%pvp attack buff. as we know, elyos always got 10%-15%pvp attack buff except arena but glod arena. So in every Saturday and Sunday, if we got any low abyss fortness, i can only lead for Kaldor Siege quests not for lord. and we will also get some reward of failed siege. Kaldor fortness only gives us 3x2 quests with few medal, no dungeon, no other convenient, but with a huge PROPORTION. so low abyss fortness or Kaldor fortness, your Choice. 2.In every siege, i know there are many account always stay afk. but the suggestion of myself is, plz DO NOT kick anyone, even that account maybe elyos maybe other's twink ID. and maybe some players just afk temporary(smoke ,toilet or something else) the most important is, kick them makes no sence, the afk account can join the siege union before lord die and get reward. and kick maybe cause some argue between players. if you want to solve the problem about afk players in siege, plz send message to admin of this server. i could not change many things. 3.In every siege, clear mobs first to protect our cleric and chanter.
  4. I've made three Padmarashka entry scroll(48h cd), but only got 1.and my PVP crystal cost 3x45. the success rate is 100%.
  5. hi boss, elyos can get PVP attack +10% buff in gold arena, its unfair for asmo. can u fix it as soon as possible?
  6. relax, i think it just a server disconnection, not planned by someone. we will take it back next time~dont blame anyone~ and about that siege system, disconnection with no reward. siege system is designed by NCsoft, Gamecoast cant change that system. so, just pray for not disconnect
  7. How long does this benefit last?
  8. if the quest number of time will be reset in 4.8? for example, i completed 60 times of that PVP quest, i need to complete more 40 times so i can get the reward of 100 times. in 4.8, if my completed 60 times will be reset?
  9. i cant log in to the test server. but i can log in 4.6. how can i deal with that? i want to go test server see something....
  10. I'm the "Power of thousand" now, can i bid this cloud title? or if i can change this" power of thousand" to some words else?
  11. still have some problem with connection, my friends and i still disconnect with server many times after last restart of server. i will check it tomorrow.
  12. at least disconnect to server 10 times a day
  13. as i know , most of chinese players in asmo want 4.8. because many of them came from Aionlegend, they alrady played 4.6 for a long time. activity everyday, KPO/PA/TKNCAC, bastion```bastion````bastion and i think every player in this server want something new. i remember when phoniex4.6 started , there are 1000+ players in this server, but now, there are only 300+ players in siege every time. in my opinion , the main reason is, they already played 4.6 for a long time, its boring to do the samething everyday(KPO PA TKN bastion CAYPO)