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  1. you need lvl1 brooch at inventory, then you will see lvl2 too
  2. My fun is the "gambling" atm Where is the pvp? I see in world chat only "they cancled a war after 5 minutes" Yeah i am preparing equip for to future, when i will have a time to play at evening too There are some pvp movies too, on the channel (Core/Teon server) but 5-9 years old....
  3. Some movies from me, when i was bored
  4. Some movies from me, when i was bored
  5. Yes it working with potions which you can craft from Exalted quest (40 R cry ), or any auto use potions like Gran Kain's Miraculous Medicine .
  6. Thanks. I downloaded a some telegram aplication for my smartphone and added contact @gamecoast_game_bot . :) Thanks.
  7. Hello, i need more explanation about this: The bot address: @gamecoast_game_bot Adress where? To activate notifications find the bot in the contact search and write or press the command /start It`s some aplication or some social site? Can you post more pictures or movie how to activate it. Thanks :)