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  1. Hey I'm aware that this is a Russian server, but I believe there are a lot of foreign players from Western Europe and America playing here. Thus, can we have some kind of workaround for the russian shops on town? Speed Test It's pretty much impossible essay writer to understand what is being said on the shops, making the trade business kinda hard for us. We could use the google translate and copy/paste the translations into the search mechanism inside the game, but that is not working here. Is there some kind of patch that can auto-translate the russian shops? Something like that? Thanks
  2. Hello guys! I've recently heard somewhere a cover of the Gludio Theme and a huge wave of nostalgia hit me right in the face. I haven't been playing since they've removed the level cap(I hated and I still hate the idea. For me it seems to be reverse phone lookup a very evil plan to make the players spend nba reddit more time ingame thus indirectly making them spend more money on NCoins). Now to the part where I need your advice! I will really like to return for a while to spend some good time and I would appreciate pcpartpicker if you would tell me what would be better to pick between NA Lineage 2 Classic servers, EU Lineage 2 Classic servers or a private server of The Chaotic Throne: The Kamael(That's when I started playing and I remember having a blast back then). Also if you'd like to recommend an older/newer expansion for a private server ... feel free to do it! I would highly appreciate that as wel!