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  1. but for us is impossible to read in RU jaja... i know about a event to circlets and in it just need a single stone to upgrade, not perma
  2. Hi. I comment that the blackmith of mammon is not working as it should, there are functions that are not in the client in english such as upgrades to the ultimate and transcendental set, please review that. I also wanted to ask if you had in mind to put the event to improve circlets with a single stone soon. Waiting for a quick response I say goodbye. Best regards
  3. Will the exalted "Against the New Enemy" and "The Last One Standing" quest go up to the way they were in the fenrir x5? now they are x1 giving 4,500 points and before they gave x5 22,500 faction points
  4. voznagrazhdeniye budet uvelicheno do kh5 ochkov fraktsiy, poluchennykh missiyami vozvyshennykh protiv Novogo vraga i Poslednego, stoyashchego tak zhe, kak oni byli v fenrire, kh5 teper' kh1 dayut 4500 ochkov, a fenrir kh 5 dayet 22 500 ochkov fraktsii? i traslate with google, i dont know if its good
  5. one week and nobody answer, gg
  6. up
  7. hi, i wanna know if clan quest and items quest reward will stay at x1... or it will be change x5 how was before. ty for u time