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  1. fix npc libra vital stone lv4 cant be changed.. thx
  2. vitality stone lv4 cant be changed to red libra ..
  3. they said prelude war part 2.. go google it and u gona find everything u need
  4. good job lu4eferka you deserve it:D
  5. what happend with the server ? every day crashing?
  6. gift boxes is useless.. event is more for the 4hour exp buff ....dont dream about that dragon claw there is a chance 1 to a bilion to get that..
  7. better 3 window all this twins make server lagg..
  8. wts banana:))
  9. no only for englis client is black skills and crash client.. the admins should fix that.. is not for our clients
  10. yes on englis client
  11. you guys got skills black and get crash? what happend with the server?
  12. hi yanessa, only item drop is 100% or even spoil?
  13. this are ultimate items..cloaks/shaya talisman/ people should farm years so they can get +15+20 cloak.. and there where ppl who enchant +15+20 cloak in the first day of event i dont think is someting wrong with prices..but you guys want everything fast/easy and in a short time
  14. better remove this kind of reward..and replace with some exp scrolls more helpfull for the new players than 1 gem r grade.. this kind of reward people trown away on the floor in towns:))
  15. if there will be no donators will be no server where to play...