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  1. stop complain... today with 1 pack of 1700ruble=2000 scroll i did 6x staff+15 and 1+17.. the rate of enchant is very high.. but not always lucky.. what u want for 1700 ruble dragon weapon lv3?
  2. yea this are the events.. they are made after official servers.. so there is notting to change
  3. go on englis section you find there all the infos.. and the rate of event to give that item is not 100%.. 50% 50%..to random ppl and there are 8 gifts from 12:00 to 20:00 and from that 8 gifts if we are lucky we get 4.. .. 4 gift fot the all server and they are not top items so..just go englis section and check there
  4. well keep waiting maybe 2nd photo comming soon.. who knows:D
  5. https://imgur.com/a/rnsQHt4 FINALY:)) IS THIS GOOD TO GO?
  6. how i should add the photo i cant see any option to insert media? i have to put via URL OR?
  7. i wont paint my dog but i will give a shot with my tree:D
  8. what do u mean the logo we have to draw by us or add by photoshop?
  9. the name of the caracter should be writen on photo? or no need?