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  1. @Supervisor Donation for bitcoin dont work admin Fix !!
  2. upgrade circlet its bugg dont work in client english , but in russian client if work … i made a ticket for thats
  3. Fenrir x10

    I'm not saying it's bad ... the chance of getting something good is very bad, but only time will tell
  4. Fenrir x10

    nobody wants this event, it's crap.
  5. Fenrir x10

    they already changed it look
  6. Fenrir x10

    the royal reward is different from the post in Russian I think if I'm not mistaken.
  7. You're the worst yull I've seen in my life, at least you have more hands than bbl lol
  8. from what you see the update will come by 2020 ..
  9. Fenrir x10

    @Abnormal make a circlet again to 1 stone … now its very overprice make a radiant circlet :S
  10. Fenrir x10

    How many people have legendary cloak on the server? The price is exaggerated and now this: /
  11. Fenrir x10

    I understand, but you know that by putting this kind of thing so p2w .. you damage the gaming experience, as a person who does not donate these items will get ... it becomes unmotivated and will eventually harm you, since from the first moment you were wrong to put the legendary cloak because in simple words it is a complete shit that is not even on European servers ..