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  1. Othell who does not play fake dead is not othell, I only saw you kill people with less equipment ... advice eliminates the skill savage for love of God ….
  2. whats happen with x2 quest?
  3. reward quest x1 now….
  4. Do you think there may be again x2 exp? if so it should be entry level ... only between lvl 105 -115 so they balance with the highest ...
  5. was a stupid video :/
  6. the question is a bit silly, remember that it is a law that every update put redlibra ....
  7. Happy years for all Players and administrations !!!
  8. Why do players always seek to exploit event errors? the same thing happened with the ticket event .... the worst thing about this is that they are given temporary ban and it can be removed for rubles that is ridiculous .... here you have people who exploit the freya staff rate just launched on event and for them there is no ban or anything ... the chance and in return and that with the people who took advantage of exploiting that by taking out many dragon claw?
  9. look and look this event from gamecoast … its not the same , look the dragon weapons rewards.
  10. I will never understand why the administration does not put the original events without modifying anything like the official servers ... this is a problem that has been bothering since time ago
  11. Fenrir

    Good event, only they have to be careful that the same does not happen with the previous ticket event that the players exploded bugs and used clickers to get the best reward.
  12. EVENT OR DISTURB !!! @Supervisor @Yanessa @Mark Twain
  13. apparently my friend ezkatka has a lot of fun...