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  1. You don't even understand yourself, you say you have nothing with evo but you help them ... there is no other word "ZERG". I don't care. You yourselves are burying the server, the same happened with the anarchy, the guards, the madman, the eternal avatar, etc., you cannot imagine the number of clans that have zerg with them and now they are going to suck you balls. Let me tell you that I do not play in bbb nor do I like that clan but if that clan leaves the server with whom are they going to pvp? with the mobs? Will you create a server-wide group to fight bbb in sieges? you should ask yourself these things.
  2. I do not invent anything, clearly today I saw how your clan was helping them in the cursed swords .. this server is dying and with these decisions they are killing it more, they seem to not know what evo has absorbed and destroyed small clans such as "guards" and others. I always said the zerg has killed this server.
  3. I see that you are already sucking evo's balls, you have taken a long time, another garbage clan like anarchy
  4. Who cares if these 2 pathetic clans play or not .. here he plays "zergvo" when he sees that he is losing, he looks for people and other clans to join them and not give pity for that very reason in the sieges they have no one to fight because they have zerg with everyone on the server, we have "borntobetrash" their leader suffers from severe autism and their strategies are worse than those of poland in the second world war, most of their members are not so good players. Who cares about these pathetic clans?
  5. olvídate que abrirán un servidor con una crónica antigua. El último asedio a este servidor fue doloroso sin duda el peor que he visto, abrir un servidor de homúnculos tiene que ser una prioridad y seguramente será en enero ... no importa si la crónica es aburrida, el servidor necesita gente porque cada semana que pasa hay menos y esto no es tema de debate si abrir o no .. hay que hacerlo es necesario !!!
  6. the update does not bring anything good and interesting .. if they think that people will come for the update they are very wrong on the contrary I think it will become more boring and many people will leave later, the only way to bring people to this server that is dead is to open a new server is reality
  7. you would be happy having so many war 🤣
  8. when admins closed this topic ? not sense 😕
  9. I entered the game and I went to tour and look at some they need an event urgently, if not look at this poor man sitting on a male member in his spare time 🤔🤔
  10. its a very bad i think , you make thats jewels with normal jewels like bless valakas, lindvior,b antharas and here thats jewels are very expensive (400b +) and you need alot ... another p2w items and unbalanced .
  11. hopefully gamecoast doesn't turn into this (only gods jewelry is missing).
  12. actually, at a competitive level, the server is almost dead. Now we only have to play a game pve that is not at all a game pve, but at some point some clan of these greats will get tired and leave (something that I doubt because of the time and money invested in the server) now we just have to wait for the next months that decision will take the administration.