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  1. be careful and it does not happen as what happened to the ramona server that when it was opened half of the gamecoast players left many returned and others never returned, and that is the worst thing that can happen to the administration at this time opening an official server ... I'm sure many would rather start on a new official server than start here with nothing and fight with people lvl 125. I think that enough time has passed for a new server, on this server there are not even 500 online they are just box. new players are needed.
  2. I think there are more important things to do on the server than this ... stop crying we already know that the administration ignores 80% of these things
  3. apparently the administrators only work on the new blade and soul project and the others forgotten
  4. the question its ..... who is evo before merge server? nothing , they decided to absorb all the players they can to become strong..
  5. they ignore many things, such as opening a new server , spellbook skill in the l2store, long time ago promised a price reduction for items in the legendary cloaks. nothing has happened and there are no answers about these things
  6. we need a signal from administration about the new server, when could it be? many interested people
  7. in the next update all especial hunting zone time reduced 1/2 ..
  8. it is incredible that issues like this are not resolved and ignored by the administration ... it seems to me a lack of respect for the players
  9. pokemosha lol .... auto atack? baium soul ? dex dyes for pve ? 😆🤣
  10. hi , wazup with the problem forgotten skill book? any plans ? its really necesary at this moment , thx
  11. you need use now ferios cloak with spallation and you never loose in oly, much players in this server dont known how work cloaks legendary .
  12. libra its not perma in korea , i think are 1 month on and 2 month off ...
  13. nonsense on the part of the administration not to correct the errors presented for weeks ... what happened to the skill books?
  14. prepair for dragon weapons lvl 3 guys 😆