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  1. if you think admin change prices you are wrong ,1 year players telling administration to lower the price of legendary cloaks items .. and they never did and never will .. the same with these books ..
  2. It is not too much to say that these chronicles are not made for high rates x10, now any decision that the administration makes the players will not like ... long ago they should have made a maximum level to 120 or reduce the experience to x3 or less than 115 to 120 lvl ... now they will have a lot of problems with high lvl players and players who want to start playing this server.
  3. First Venezuela, now Spain, then it will be Mexico jaja ... monkeys will always be monkeys 🤣🤣
  4. while bbl, tilden and others keep putting 3k $ and more a month into donations, let me tell you they will never open a new server, the same thing happens on the CORE server has remained because the same people who maintain the server with big donations of money keep playing, here it will only be answered by those who do not want a new server .. although it is very difficult a new server would only make sense if their rankings and Olympics were independent, the administration could make a totally independent server, but the server continues to generate profits excessive with these latest events, so forget about a new server for now.
  5. so much trouble speaking in english? Maybe in Ukraine they don't teach English in schools, you're a fucking monkey
  6. Es realmente una pérdida de tiempo tratando de algo a algunos idiotas aquí .. para usted que vive en narnia el servidor es perfecto y nuevas personas están llegando al servidor todos los días .. Son sólo los mismos idiotas que no contribuyen o dan buenas sugerencias para el servidor, es por eso que han estado jugando con los mismos jugadores desde hace 3 años en el servidor
  7. Now imagine this .. an archer with lvl 3 bow made in TOI 180b adena and it only needs to be lvl 111, that level you get in 1 day, now imagine that this person creates many archer lvl 111 box and passes all his items to farm TOI what do you think will happen? It would destroy the economy completely, that happens on this server because this game is not made for these conditions of this server, not to mention fishing that is worse than that .. I had been playing on this server for 3 years and this last year was the one that more people I have seen stop playing, they are just the small group of donors, adena buyers, and adena exploiters.
  8. If the problem is that these chronicles are not made to be x10 and not without limit of logged accounts, that's why the economy on the server is so bad ... the fishing market is super exploited, the events too ... are a Small group of people who open 50+ accounts and are capable of damaging the entire economy, it does not make sense for that part (for something the Koreans did not create the game like that) .. I have only seen the same people on the server from a year ago, There was a clan called Siberia that no longer exists because they all left .. anyone would be scared to enter the server and see players lvl 126 and all with dragon weapons lvl 3 ... but this does not matter, the admins are masters evading these issues You can open a server with an old chronicle with limited accounts for more casual players because this server will not bring more people, never in these conditions.
  9. I no longer log into this server, it seems like a x1000 server with lvl 125-126 players, it makes no sense to continue playing here when everyone already has lv 3 weapons and some even have 2-3 lvl 3 weapons .. and this server lost all desire from playing new to new players for a long time, administrators should think of something at this point
  10. @Mark Twain no decepciones a los jugadores por el amor de Dios, hiciste un reinicio y ni siquiera eras capaz de poner un árbol de navidad en la ciudad, no hicieron nada en fin de semana negro ni siquiera en días de Halloween ... esto es decepcionante
  11. Este juego no está hecho para tener cuentas ilimitadas abiertas, no tienes que ser muy inteligente para saber que, con este tipo de evento la posibilidad es casi imposible, por no hablar de lo explotado que es el tema de la pesca porque no hay ninguna restricción .. por no hablar de los pacientes que abren 40 cuentas y utilizan 2-3 PC, que son muchos aquí .. pero es gamecoast, no es conveniente para ellos para eliminar cuentas ilimitadas porque el servidor sería completamente solitario y los nuevos jugadores no sería golpeado, porque entonces se abrirían 2 barreras para jugar aquí: 1 donación, 2 super PC para abrir muchas cuentas y explotar todos los sistemas de juego como eventos, pesca, etc.
  12. hay personas que no son buenas en pvp, ya sea porque sufren de alguna enfermedad o carecen de un brazo ... parece que es su caso