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  1. + for dragon weaps, I don't want to overenchant useless r110 weaps
  2. to be more spiecific, the notification from fenrir work fine, I restart character, or it dies, I get the voice notification, and it appears on the phone screen, but from Ares, it doesn't untill you open telegram, and check it yourself.
  3. @Supervisor whats up with telegram notifications? they don't work again
  4. According to opposition there's no need for it, we would farm everything free
  5. He's on new server, no reason to play on fenrir with doshiks from bbb who didn't come anywhere for 6 months, and now came out of cave, to farm free doshik, when evo isn't playing.
  6. Doshiks from bbb keep increasing the prices, cause they need to maintain 20 chars with pa and runes, as long as IM is below 3.5b it's profitable for them regardless of the current price
  7. What's the difference how much adena drops? The end result will be the same.
  8. Grind crp, how else? maybe let's just start with lv15 clans and 120 chars.
  9. It would be silly if everything would be available from day one, as start 4 brooches lv6 will be more than enough
  10. @Supervisor currently the forgotten skill lv30 from L2 Store cost around 7k rubles, you pay 13 rubles per spellbook, with a random chance of obtaining lv1/2/3, but in einhasad shop it's fixed lv1 book, which rises the price of making one skill to 11750 rubles, that's like going backwards imo
  11. Yeah cause we live in a fairy tale, where everyone and everything is equal
  12. @Supervisor Olympiad prizes would be good thing for fenrir to make the oly more competitive, and fun. The raids are farmed by our side, so I'm not sure how the rest of the server would like it, either it would motivate them to regroup and try for it, or cry on forum but either way, Olympiad should be more attractive
  13. That's pretty cool concept, how about implementing it on the old server as well? especially the raids, and olympiad, to make it more competitive
  14. Fenrir, and Mimir, both names from norse mythology and game, was an easy choice! blblblbl
  15. @Supervisor when will the donation system work for european players? why isn't the issue addressed yet? We can't donate for more than a month already, I made pettition 2 days ago, asking about it, nobody even bothers to answer, is that the russian companies policy, to not give a fuck about english players? Or you guys just like to dodge all uncomfortable questions?
  16. Mimir (Мимир) - https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Мимир + related to the game
  17. The issue isn't IM on old server being used on new, but players from existing server going to farm adena on new server, purchasing IM and using it on old server, while messing up with new market. So imo if we gonna block anything, it should be usage of IM from new server to old, not the other way around.
  18. I don't know why is anyone complaining, do you guys prefer chronicles where you got to spend tens of thousands rubles for random items, and pray for luck, or start on this chronicle with einhasad store, and know what are you paying for, no rng crap.
  19. I don't think this is good approach, the IM transfer between servers should be disabled, at least at the very begining, if not pernamently. It's to avoid situation where players from old and new server screw each other market.
  20. I never wrote it's only you, retardiero, bbl and other players are the same That's game design flaw, what to do.
  21. Even if you gonna farm 3 trillions a week, u gonna need to spend over a year to afford such cloak, not to mention there are only 5 cloaks 18 on the server, cause people don't spend money on them) and with adena you can't buy the scrolls If someone won't donate first
  22. @Leflyll obviously free to play players can't abuse it on officials, top players do, thay donate a lot and farm a lot. And have you seen their market? Even if 100 players abused it, it wouldn't have an effect on prices, here 2 or 3 players farming few trillions a week making the server economy collapse, because there's not enough resources being generared (store), so instead the prices increase