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  1. you see dumbass? one person decided to make buisness out of tarots, because it's impossible to lose adena on it, rewards are too good, there's no risk, if you play a lot of them. And as a result of this, IM price went from 120kk to 180kk within a week, and other items didn't get any cheaper ;)
  2. The best way for beginners is to stop whining and start playing, and putting some effort. Lately everyone wants to get everything in a week or quicker, that's now how the game works, nor the server rates. There's plenty of ways to make adena, and the start is easier than ever before, you get lot of stuff for free, ok they are not top gear, but helping at start. Also selling mentees seems like the best solution for newbies right now, without PA or any runes, it takes around 2h to level up character to 105 level. Also forgot to mention, shirts, circlets are now free and easy to make, before people had to spend fortune on these.
  3. I made 2 skills for 550b each, and I never bought any book from abahecka. If you pay 2.5-3kk per damaged spellbook, and convert them yourself to lv1 books, the cost is around 620-750kk per one.
  4. The tarots are a gamble, either you win or lose, what's the point of gamble if you always win? I wanted more books per tarots as well, but 2500 is perfectly fine, it cheaper to make skill lv30 now than before update when people actually farmed them from mobs. (550b now, 750b before).
  5. @Zephyr whats the reason to keep the freya, if the event has ended nearly 2 weeks ago? also when you guys gonna clean our inventories from old event stuff, we can't delete outselves? the Lucky Gift Coupon buff is still ON as well.
  6. Fenrir

    discount on brooches, on cloaks, farm events/store events with what players actually need, not a copy from ru off, with useless stuff.
  7. Fenrir

    @Supervisorand when my ticket will be answered? seems the evening lasts 2 weeks already xd
  8. To make one skill lv 30 you need 240625 damaged spellbooks, which means you'd need to roll the books 96 times from tarots, let's say the approximately chance of getting them is 20%, which gives us 480 tarots, and thats 12,5k rub. It's good improvement from what it was, but I'd boost it to 4000 damaged spellbooks, 15 chapter 1, 3 chapter 2, and 1 chapter 3.
  9. Would be nice to add eod to grocery for 49 million each, it's gonna help out us players, and burn the adena on the server. Also for the future I'd relax with all this store actions, one after another, we don't have time to breath :P 2 weeks store action, 3 weeks farm event, and so on. I don't see a reason to put all the time 2 events at once, and then players got nothing to do. Better to start one by one imo.
  10. @Supervisor @Yanessa @Akame try to fix shifting items between rus and eng clients, like it was done 2 updates ago, if possible. It's getting a bit annoying lately, not being able to show players on other clients, what you sell, and etc.
  11. You all had 3 months to craft, they wrote about the update a week ago, that it might come soon, you spend on forum so much time to whine, and you didn't notice that?
  12. but they didn't remove them on off, they just removed them from l2 store, whoever bought them, has them stored in WH, for years)