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  1. Just make discount on cakes after update, since most of the players will exp with cps.
  2. Better question, how soon can we expect the update?
  3. I was not invited to the previous beta! Now all good)
  4. Ideally would be to add elcuym crystals in the grocery for a reasonable price, to lower the adena stock on the server, which currently is massive, and increases everyday.
  5. I dont have to prove it. I thought u already understood nobody has respect towards bbb, especially these big mouths almaitare, who are completly 0's in game, but have always the most to say and insult everyone left and right And tell me, why is every bbb member thinking that without them there's no game? you guys don't do anything since last few months, coming at middle of the night to kill pullers, porting on RB's under UD's and trying to KS it in last moment, on cursed weapons logging boxes in random locations trying to pick the wepaon with lucky drop. Do you really think anyone will miss that? I'll answer that for you, nobody will notice either bbb plays or not.
  6. You got no idea how to manage the clan, the only reason you still got any clan members, it's because they got some reason to fight evo, nobody joined you, cause you're good clan leader. Nobody in your clan cares about each other, you all play as individuals, even in your cp. The people that played with you, know how greedy you are, and the only thing you care about is free rice farm, u are failure, that plays here just for one reason, and we all good know what it is I bet you would quit this server long time ago, like you ran way from Ramona, and then x5. Players don't join you, cause of your reputation, not because they don't want to join the weaker side, and as long as you can't understand you are the reason of bbb failure, nothing will change, and you yourself don't care for a change cause you are satisfied with your ... (fill it yourself). Your approach to other clan are also ridiculous, whoever is against bbb, is ally of evo, and need to kill them, and then crying why nobody wants to play with you. Instead of fighting us, you prefer to go for an easy target. Ps. On the siege my cp and I went to schuttgart castle, killed all ros, destroyed the castle, but we are not scums like you, who would take castle from newbies, while there's plenty castles owned by boxes. The funniest thing in all of this, is when katka killed evo, sahonya cried on everyone pms/Skype, that katka isn't his clan member, it doesn't matter that he killed just evo members, ran in party with bbb, but when ros started killing bbb, it's an ally against poor bbb. Hypocritic much?
  7. And what's the difference if they (bbb) are playing or not? Noobs spreaded across 10 different clans, with handicapped clan leader, who is incapable of doing anything, but whine like a little bitch on pms, about his sad life, and his poor clan members, whom he blames and insults for all his failures. Exposing all their dirts, behind their back, to random evo members, just to farm rice.
  8. We have just two unflagged players, it's bbl, and trollhunter, on the other hand 90% of bbb are running in alt clans and some of them say they are not bbb anymore xd
  9. Better to come at 2 am with box, trying to interrupt pullers, I see xd Top players got top levels, if you are handless, that's not tops problem, it's yours, riseofdsrkness is newbie clan and they already got 2 players 120, what's your excuse. We had 25/0 on 110, 111, 112, 113, 114.. nothing changes.
  10. Would be nice if we had perma farm events, even with consumables only, so players got something to do on daily bases, the game became really boring lately (the game in general, not just here). I miss events like hatching the dragon eggs, the generous festival, and this sort of events, that required some kind of activity out of the players, not just AFK farm like the letter event, with tens of boxes. #LibraW/Lv1-3ExDragonWeaps
  11. Scared of what? Why would newbie care about level of the tops? On official there is 118 lv, while the majority can barely reach 112, and you are wrong, now it's much easier to make adena than some updates ago, that's why prices are higher
  12. Dunno why after a few years admins decided to stop transferring birthday potions, it was good, available for all and affordable way for keeping the vitality up. It costed 3k rub per month, and you needed to wait one year for those potions. It was solid profit for the server, and convenient method for the players. Now with the lack of vitality runes on the market, the price is unreal for normal players, and it's hard to find anyone selling it, while the potions, were for everyone. Really weird admin's decision. Players losing opportunity to grind quicker, and server good stable profit from transfers.
  13. If there are no events available on the current updates, why don't you guys organize some pvp tournament, where everyone's gonna have equal chances, it's not that time-consuming, and can be done in 1-3 days