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  1. When I rerolled about 2 months ago, there was an event in which you could exchange shiny gold bars for forgotten books, it costed around 900b per skill, even cheaper than it was when they dropped from mobs And the current cost is around 7k rub max per skill, dunno how you come up with 10k
  2. Rich will stay rich, even if you cut a few zeroes at the end of the adena, item prices, the difference will be just visual
  3. Ok I will make it clear for everyone, since I can't stand your stupidity anymore, illusion, summones, and pets don't count for the dmg. If you were smart you would realise what happens once you attack the raid boss, it's either 1 dmg or miss hit, and which statistic increase the chance of successfully land a hit on raid boss? It's physical accuracy, so the more you have it, the less you miss, the more dmg you deal. Your welcome plebs. All shilens 9 are mine.
  4. everyone does 1 dmg, regardless of level, gear, class, you fools always looking for an excuses, but this time there's none
  5. @Mark Twainwill the scrolls be deleted at 4th january or not?
  6. Nice, I'm not familiar with latest verion of the event, but is it normal it doesn't say the name of the winner, instead it says "someone"? I remember few years ago it for sure gave the winner name.😛
  7. so what is the restriction exactly? (besides the 15 accounts)
  8. make a video where you get 112 claws for 55k IM, and I'll admit you were right)
  9. Dunno, the drops are not impressive at all. Only shilen 10, rest doesn't worth a penny.
  10. I already explained, you relay on 1 video, where the guy obviously got lucky 1 time, and dropped lot of coins from 1 chest, while other 50 videos, the average cost of claw is ~800 rub (gamecoast price)
  11. @sis69 it's your money, and do as you please, but don't write bullshit on forum, and confuse other people, if you got little clue about this stuff.
  12. to get 110 claws on shiny coins, you need around 66k rub just 1k crystal chests, which is on official 16k rub (here 8k) brings more drops to the table than whole opening for 110k lol The clever boy has full gear here, without spending much, how about you)? its 40 000, misstyped prolly. https://dev.l2central.info/main/events_and_promos/214.html?lang=ru