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  1. @Nymph nobody has ever pvped 6 hours for zarcihe, because if mages pick it up, they are unlikable, not to mention you can teleport away, so it's pointless. The pvp begins in last 30 minutes at sos, where you got to destroy/protect the treasure chests.
  2. @Aisha you should go and write a book, wasting such a talent on a random forum ;)
  3. You should just stfu, change spot, and move on with your life. The post of yours are like accusation of murder, relax girl, it's just a game, you didn't get hurt irl. Why do newbies think they deserve more than the old players? If somebody wanna play the game they will play it regardless of other people actions, gear, and other stuff. Reading about people getting dismotivated to join the server because of Jhony videos, made my day, I don't want players like this on this server. I'd rather play solo than with brainless and spineless players.
  4. And you can't farm on blue roses? You should be happy they even added anything for free, because they didn't need to do it. I up vote for more consumables in the market, we lack a lot of basic stuff, like EXP boost, enchant, eod. What I see much deeper is your high rate java server mentality, and tunnel vision.
  5. You can have free 6 ice roses, and 6 potions per day, so what you say is irrelevant in this case. I use blue roses on farm, and I always have at least 10 ice roses saved in case of pvp.
  6. There will be pvp everyday for zarcihe and akamanah, because the weapons are as strong as dragon weapons lv2, then you have new raids, and many other stuff to fight for, dont worry, you will have something to do. would be nice if we could gear up quicker, but once person get full gear he gets bored, and quit, cause there's no goal. I experienced it on core, experienced it on classics, and some privates. You gonna enjoy pvp for a week, and then you will spend more and more time in town doing nothing.
  7. Seems like our admins play on different server, it's never server fault, the problem always lays on our side.
  8. And regarding tarots, the chance of winning gold ticket, must be lower than winning a one million $ lottery ticket irl ;)
  9. GOA has lv2 retri just like jhony, and u asking me why they don't kill the same way? Nonsense question. I'll answer it anyways. Because weapon is not everything that increases your dmg, and persifona has r99 weapon. @ Rickmorits next update everyone will die one shot, even 500k up won't help you survive the upcoming damage. The dmg reduction formula has completely changed.
  10. Give me lindvior caster and I will end your misery lads :D Calculations regarding the weapons, +14 limited is as good as lv1, +19 is as good as lv2, and +37 is as good as level 3 (DMG wise), for now. After update when augmentation for dragon weapon will be possible, the enchantment will have to be greater.
  11. Tested on Core, tested on ru off, tested on gamecoast. It doesn't increase DMG dealt to monsters. @[email protected] do test for them, cause this missinformation is not doing any good.
  12. once again, newbies will stay newbies xD show me proof, dear keyboard warriors. @R1hannayou are totally irrelevant here, saying that you don't play, and keep spamming forum, you must be seriously bored of life.
  13. The amount of stupidity in this topic amazes me, DRAGON WEAPON DOES NOT INCREASE DMG DEALT TO MOBS, it works only for DRAGONS, Valakas, Antharas, Lindvior, Fafurion, you dumb newbies. Has anyone of you moved your ass out of the forum, and tested it? spreading such bullshit and brainless people began to believe it. You can farm the locations with r110 weapon no issue what's so ever, and after update it will become even easier, the mobs will be debuffable (even shadow snare will land 100%), and will have lower HP, and stats. People on official farm them with 109 levels. All the new zones are designed for solo players, fafurion isn't even meant to be farmed with party at end game.] And on another note, I'm lower level than jhony, and retardiero, because I don't have exp boosts, and we use cakes only at prime time, 3-4h per day, the killrate isn't the problem here. I'm prefectly fine with my current level, and see no reason to race with the top farmers, that play here for years. Also both of them don't need to spend as much adena as I do, to keep improving the gear. So for me atm gear > level.
  14. SPH isnt strong as it used to be, but on this server I lose only to retardiero on sorc, and retardiero on sahonya ;) The rest sorcs, I lose 1/10 when I'm unlucky ;) And keep in mind I still miss a lot of gear, defensive and offensive.