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  1. this is what comes to my mind when I found out the new server name :D
  2. What about the ambudance talismans, will it be fixed before Olympiad, if not, will it be possible to use them without any consequences? If not, how are we suppose to know that opponent doesn't have it equipped?
  3. There's no secret you got mental issues xd
  4. Nonsense from a random guy who has has never been on any pvp. On daily pvp bbb has way better activity, and they win lot of pvps.
  5. @Supervisor will it be possible to play on the main version and classic simultaneously? On one device.
  6. Time for a ban hammer, for everyone who equipped the talisman in olympiad after server rr :D
  7. That's good. There's also one issue with Magnificent Brooch Spirit Stone, purchased from Merchant of Mammon, they cannot be exchanged to Magnificent Brooch Spirit Stone Rare on Legendary Blacksmith Shadai in town of Heine. It's visible in the inventory, but once you talk to the NPC, you cannot see them anymore.
  8. I'm not java player like you, that gonna quit because of losing, I've been losing for years, never gave up, we've been losing on x5 for 6 months, never stopped ;) @sahonya07 what are you doing online in-game? period ended?
  9. And what's your problem with it, what it has to do with the game we are playing? Meaningless player in game, and too dumb to be a forum warrior.
  10. Innocent bbb https://imgur.com/gallery/DiSVzx6 this must be Photoshop, how bbb got in there?
  11. Kid got sent to banana island for a week with possibility to get out of there, and is crying like it's life sentence: D Your lovely bbb abused kartia bug, abused many other, while avoiding bans, so now you got what you deserve, just deal with it, and stop whining like a little girl, about how unfair the world is xD Sahonya abused kimaru and got ban just on boxes, how about that, we still remember :))
  12. I don't remember u saying this here.
  13. DOUBLE STANDARDS when evo gets banned, server will be alive, bbb will farm solo all ok, but when bbb gets banned, server will die xD dying inside
  14. do you really think nolifer like sahonya would quit the job? he makes money here, he doesn't give a damn about his clan anyways. why nobody said anything like this when EVO got banned for kartia ;?
  15. I know russian very well ;) but it doesn't mean I'm gonna use it whenever it suits randoms on forum. There are many English players in the server, and there's an english client as well. So how about you learn english))