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  1. I don't know why is anyone complaining, do you guys prefer chronicles where you got to spend tens of thousands rubles for random items, and pray for luck, or start on this chronicle with einhasad store, and know what are you paying for, no rng crap.
  2. I don't think this is good approach, the IM transfer between servers should be disabled, at least at the very begining, if not pernamently. It's to avoid situation where players from old and new server screw each other market.
  3. I never wrote it's only you, retardiero, bbl and other players are the same That's game design flaw, what to do.
  4. Even if you gonna farm 3 trillions a week, u gonna need to spend over a year to afford such cloak, not to mention there are only 5 cloaks 18 on the server, cause people don't spend money on them) and with adena you can't buy the scrolls If someone won't donate first
  5. @Leflyll obviously free to play players can't abuse it on officials, top players do, thay donate a lot and farm a lot. And have you seen their market? Even if 100 players abused it, it wouldn't have an effect on prices, here 2 or 3 players farming few trillions a week making the server economy collapse, because there's not enough resources being generared (store), so instead the prices increase
  6. @Leflyll rates got little to do with it, someone will farm x times more than u, with either rates. Dunno, the question is, what people like you, are going to do once you farm enough adena to boost the main chars? More boxes to farm more adena? what's the end goal of the farm that I'm obviously missing here.
  7. It doesn't pay back, because of doshiks who farm 5 trillions a week, rise the prices xd
  8. The server is in condition like it is, cause of players like you, who just generate adena, and nothing else, from the server point of view, all of you could stop playing and nothing would change. But that's game fault, that it's designed this way, and players abuse it to their advantage, everyone could do it, and how would the game look like? What's gonna happen when all donors gonna leave and only doshiks with 20 archers remain on the server? Where you guys gonna spend the adena? On heavenly talismans? How will anyone of you purchase premium account and runes for all this boxes?
  9. IM shouldnt be tradeable, and then the doshiks wouldn't farm adena with 20 chars 24/7
  10. there's some ways to reduce the adena on the server, and one of them is wondrous shard exchange list like ncjapan or ncwest, which includes items like insanity talisman, seven signs, etc.
  11. I hope we will be able to log at least 15 accounts this time.
  12. which events are u working on?
  13. @Supervisor then whats the point to write down end dates of events, if they never end that date? Why is this being handled so unprofessionally? This happens every single event, not just the one. Only store events are removed on time
  14. Chocolates still drop, and why the window restriction is still active? With what is the administration so busy, that we can't get a clear answer?
  15. As I understand you mean 25th March? Why is that tho? The chocolates will stop dropping on 11th March, why not to lift the window restricition in 2 days then? It's pointless to make us wait another 2 weeks to play normally again, since there won't be a need to log boxes to farm event.