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  1. How about basic stuff like auction house, and dimensional npc missing options on english client?
  2. every pvp you die before the pvp begins, last week we didn't even bother to use cage at all on daily pvp. On raids even handless archers like you with full items can deal the final hit, thats why you get caged, not because you are good or anything, so don't worry All I got to say, enjoy ks'ing untill next update) ps cage 15s on korea since last week
  3. According to me killing cyrex is one crit, so does it really matter how I have phrased it?
  4. the longer it takes the better) gl ks'ing -50% phys skill crit dmg on rb's as well
  5. nop, on ru off, take a look at youtube, when they reequip dragon weapons lv3, there's no cooldown on dignity, nor paralyze
  6. you comparing complicated mechanims, with something that has be done multiple times in the history of the server who's missing braincells here, not me for sure @сильныйкрасивый then why do we even discuss about PK drop at the first place, if thats not an official feature? lets go further, why do we have cooldown on zariche/akamanah/dragon weapon skill upon equipping? theres no such a thing on official either
  7. Content like dragons, raid bosses, should be fought for, giving an option to enter there peacefully, in a name of equal chances is the dumbest thing I've heard. If you can't win pvp for dragon, rb, you don't deserve to take it, simple as that. I'm glad next update gonna resolve issue with raid bosses at least, you padawans won't be able to use myteleports, nor relog near them
  8. Again trying to be smartass, the only reason we stopped trying is because of the time (pointless to regroup at 4am when we know bot from bbb will enter anyways), besides that you'd be surprised, but in our clan 90% of members are actually working, and got to wake up early on friday myself I haven't come to any valakas, even when our side was entering it enter valakas, move it to normal time, and then we will be speaking again ok?
  9. We don't need to regroup the entire clan for pvp, it's obvious why. Dragons are the only content left in this game worth fighting for, so why is it dealt without fighting on our server? It's impossible to enter a dragon 10 times in a row without some kind of software, if previously we were able to enter time to time as well, now all of the sudden we can't anymore ;) why admins don't want to check logs, who enter, interval of the tries Stay in town then, you guys always talk a lot, and taking 0 responsibilities for your words
  10. BBB entering valakas on bot, and it's not enough, now they also want to enter fafurion without fighting, cause I'm sure they won't trigger the war, they just gonna come around cyrex unflagged trying to do last hit and we won't be able to pk them multiple times cause of pk drop, 200iq plan. @Supervisor if that's not a good reason for pvp zone, then don't know what is
  11. What are you talking about, on pk you can't teleport at all, so what combat has to do with it...
  12. Как я уже упоминал выше, боевой телепорт ничего не мешает, кроме как раздражает в ситуации, о которой я упоминал выше. На ПК вы вообще не можете телепортироваться, так как здесь реализуется боевой телепорт?
  13. Во-первых, он устарел, был введен для борьбы с PK'ерами (с самого начала вы не можете телепортироваться, будучи PK), и с тех пор была применена другая система, которая работает лучше. Боевой телепорт просто делает игру намного более раздражающей, когда мы пытаемся сражаться за проклятые мечи, потому что вместо того, чтобы награждать самых быстрых игроков, он наказывает их за то, что они первыми достигли цели, а затем падают куда-то еще, и вы можете стоять еще на 10 секунд, потеряв оружие в конце