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  1. It's time for compass, the bracelets are must have, it's about time to equalize some things between the players. Everyone will be happy, and nobody will complain. Players gonna be bored without an event for a longer period of time, so imo start compass, and meanwhile you can slowly prepare some fresh event.
  2. If compass event. And some event with dyes, tempest stones, giant life stones, agathions, red starlight jars! and other basic items.
  3. Once again, the amount of tickets per game has nothing to do with why the event isn't ending. The issue is people don't want to spend their tickets because it's more profitable to wait for someone else do it's and then have a better chance for top reward. When everyone started doing it, the event died. That's why once again I'm saying, all reward equal chance, or 1 ticket, otherwise won't ever be completed. Another option, is to cut Bronze rewards by 2.
  4. and what about equal chance to obtain all rewards? so people are forced to play from the begining instead of waiting till the last rewards?
  5. Either way, making equal chance of obtaining every reward will be the best solution imo. It's gonna make everyone play from the start, and there won't be issue that at the end last 500 rewards disappear within 3s.
  6. It doesn't work on English client
  7. @Supervisor @Cephei the solution is very simple, either revert all the changes, or keep it the way it is currently, but make every single reward to have exactly the same chance of winning, this way people won't wait until last rewards to play the tickets, everyone would start from the beginning, and everyone would have the same odds of winning.
  8. @Cephei it's all fine. you can't please all players. My suggestion is to fix the card game now, increase the odds to get at least 1 ticket per win, yesterday I won about 90 card games, and half of the wins didn't provide me a ticket, that's a bit pitty, don't you think so? Especially now that it takes more tickets to play.
  9. 6 tickets per one game is overkill, the event will not end within 3 hours. If possible lower it to 2 or 3, and we kinda liked the increased number of the rewards in the category S and B. Also this delay is horrible solution, it screws more people than helps.
  10. then in my opinion its better to remove the delay, because it bothers people more than helps. if you saw the logs, and there was nothing wrong, I don't see any reason to keep the delay. Increasing the amount of rewards in category B and S, was a good idea, could be even increased more.
  11. Also there should be time displayed when we can play again, cause if we press too soon the window closes and we lose time, and same goes if we wait too long. Simply the enter button should be disabled until the xs delay ends. @Supervisor
  12. @Supervisor the event window shouldnt close, and we should see somewhere how much time remain untill next chance to play...
  13. butthurted much)? wts vaseline, so your ass gonna hurt less
  14. Once someone played, the enter button should be disabled (greyed out) for 30s, and once the time penalty expires, the player should be allowed to play once again. It should be at least 30s, whoever thought the 3s delay would be enuf, didn't really think about it.
  15. @Supervisor @Abnormal the 3s delay didn't work at all, we could still spam the button, the event started, but half of the server still couldn't play for first 2 minutes (screen above). Why don't you guys test the things on a test server, and then implement them to the live server? unnecessary 50 restarts, and nothing will be ever fixed this way