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  1. Do you want Life Stones? Go to farm ceremony of chaos, you want cheaper weapons? Go farm raid bosses, you want cheaper golden tickets? Go play tarots and sell them to us for 200cc, Mr. robin hood I noticed you always whine about items that YOU are in need of. And don't start with, we are hating you or envy you, because we don't have a reason to do so.
  2. @Supervisorcan you finally remove the register pop up window? And make it only via command .join and .leave to cancel the registration
  3. Koreans make it easier to level up every update, 105-115 you can do even now in 2 weeks, the issue is you are all handless @Supervisor good one, milking players at it's best. Delete content, add it back after a while, and then the poor players got to make the same thing once again
  4. and whats the difference if you farm 10b/hour, and pay 500kk per item, or farm 1b per hour and pay 50kk per item? in korea they limited all zones to 3h, so sooner or later we will get that fix as well
  5. Agreed, I really can't think of a reason to keep it for any longer, it has no purpose, it never had actually. It just became annoying feature, custom feature. It supposed to help fighting against PK, but players with karma, can't teleport at all! @Supervisor let's return it to off-like. It's bothering us a lot, especially during cursed weapons.
  6. Instead of messing with formulas, better change the price on npc, seems like more reasonable solution.
  7. You are a such a useless whiners, it's hard to read. Do anyone of you have a clue what's random chance? Where is it stated that after playing X words, there's guaranteed top reward? I played 30 times, and got dragon jewel, my cp member played 500, and got epic talisman. It's all about luck, you padawans.
  8. https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/l2awknupdate/view?articleId=44272&query=혈맹 망토-전쟁 특화 4 단계&searchType=title,contents&page=1&categoryId=&viewMode=list&size=20
  9. This is why you have events like libra, where u can easly make brooches lv5, buy necessary consumables, and this is why libra npc should be on nonstop, without some options, exclusive for event time, like rose buff. There are a lot of ways to fix things, it just need to be done with head.
  10. blblblbl should I be offended? @Windrunner niet!
  11. The update is much better to start on, than the previous 10, most of the store content is available through farm, like shirts, circlets, exalted gear, brooches lv3 etc. The only thing they need to work on, is the elcuym problem
  12. The content should fit the current server realities, introduce better items step by step, so everyone feels like they play on equal rules. On x5 we had destruction scrolls in tarots, and a few players ended up with weapons + 12-15. How do you think casual players reacted to this. For me personally it didn't matter, I knew how the game gonna look, but my 10 newbie friends that started playing with me, they all quitted in first month, because for then it was pointless to continue, with normal r99 gear +8 vs +17 pve, +10 pvp sets. And I was left playing it alone;) with their mentality they wouldn't achieve anything long term, that's for sure, but it doesn't change fact, a lot of people give up already at start, because of ridiculous server politics, that could be changed for better, and keep this players at least a bit longer.
  13. Indeed, it's interesting if managed well. On the x5 start, the tarots were simply too much, and it destroyed the server first 2 weeks.
  14. You are such a fanboy of nymph xd What impact are we talking about? Join server with bunch of donors, get full gear first days, make all randoms quit, and then rmt the boost, and quit themselves, and wait for a new server? Not to mention that guy can't even make his own character, just playing with someone else toons xD