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  1. isn't there a english guide of this? because it's not translated on the game in english, i only see "???"
  2. Where i can use it and how?
  3. Hello all, it's a day that i'm trying to find the vote button but i can't find it anywhere on the site, someone can help me? ty
  4. HI, i want to know why the boots from the Daeva protector set are missing, it's a bug? And with my first character i didn't received the support quest from kata, why?
  5. Hey to all, but when i try to opene these crates : with keys doesn't give me the drop, it disappears and use my keys
  6. Hello, since today i noticed that when i open these chest with keys: the drop disappears, so i only lose keys, something changed or is a bug?
  7. it gives me this error then other ones :