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  1. After he exploit the event even in last minute ... he is laughing about all rest 99% of server and GMs dont bother to give a answer .... nice one ! Keep the side of the thieves/cheaters and i guarantee you will have a failed server .... and he won't be the only one...
  2. NOT nice event exploit by ibblQQ and his boxes CoronaVirus,iCorleone... almost all top prizes on a single ip and this is normal ? The rest of players from server are unlucky ... lets be real and maybe its time for some punishments .
  3. Brainemie the winner of reward for most trashed talker in the server and the forum , nothing new Advice: dont spend time and give attention to the ones who dont know what its respect for others and speak all the time only in lies.
  4. Offtrade resolved ? If Yes ...change the message in the game about temporary unavailable !
  5. Crafting Talisman - Abundance lv.4 (High-grade) still don't work ...
  6. Utopia A utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens.
  7. Can u modify Quest faction points reward: x5 ? Some factions are very hard to make on this x1 path ...
  8. Very expensive, you should put normal prices and normal amounts... For example: At big pack 1680 rubles to be 3000 Secret Embryo Bait Coupon and price at Fancy Fishing Rod (permanent) to be at 8500 by Heine Fishing Coins . Please update the event and for who has already bought to make a compensation. Thanks.