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  1. 有什么可以帮助我们的不再在这里玩耍的人呢?
  2. MadNick

    Christmas tree

  3. admin what a hell ?:)
  4. so event only for ru nolifers :D
  5. yep same .. skills black and get crash !
  6. It's not jus me, but I believe about 90% of the players from this server are not excited and feeling annoyed because of this Akamanah. While someone is using this Akamanah ,there is no chance for anyone to fight back, it might be only 1 or 2 parties having fun about this but other players are just blocked from an open fields. As you know, before the recent update an online server was almost dead and after an update things have changed to a better way and players started to enjoy the game and became more active. Although, it didn't last long as I believe the Akamanah will put players off and they will start to quit. There are many players like me, who likes just to chill out and do not play 24/7 to do some instances, factions or not just log in to the game and constantly stay in town as otherwise the game will be interrupted by the player with Akamanah. I hope you will find some solution for both sides , who loves having the Akamanah and for those who like play as they have played before.
  7. Hi Admins Any Fix for Akamanah ? Yes No ?