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  1. the letter collector event it will be added?
  2. what new players? read what u write on top.. you play on olympiad with players cant play because you are to strong.. and now u want to get more strong.. a new player wont come here and donate to make cloak or saya+10+15.. this things only you the old players want.. new people need pve/pvp gear/epics etc in the first step not top items.. so the problem you made top gear to fast and now for the new players is kinda imposibile to reach with you.. stay back.. admins should increse the prices not lowert
  3. if they make prices lower to brooches/circlets/cloaks and many other items people will buy once and after no more donation for the server.. wtf are you speaking about?... there always will be events where u can get them cheaper.. but request time and patience..
  4. true 100% adena drop is a bad iddea but there should give someting for the new players.. like materials lv3/4 so they can craft ther armors/weapons/enchanting boost/consumable at least to reduce 50% during the event.. is hard on server for a new player to start with this prices
  5. with all this disconects and every 2 days restarts.. they should give us 2-3 days premium account to compensate
  6. hi yanessa.. you should le ppl know with few days before the update because there are few quests/items quest that they will be at least we get a chance to finish our quests and consume the items quests..
  7. what happend last night.. i hear ppl took advange of l2store bug buying 10 ruble with 9 ruble? how is that possibile? what will happend with that ppl who took advange of the bug?
  8. IF may i ask while play 4 tickets =1x reward or 4 tickets=4x gifts
  9. an fish event will be nice now on christmas when most of the ppl are afk all the time.. and good even for the new players