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  1. Maybe you can hire a few moderators for EN community? There are a little bit more of us in the server now and most people don't understand all the information you publish in the Russian language. And all that information comes in English few days after update.. And It always feels like you EU players have less love then people from the CIS region... P.S I wouldn't mind taking that job since I understand both Russian and English. So I could translate information to English. And I also think that more information for English talking players would help to keep here longer.
  2. Before making changes like this you should talk to players so we could make the best decision. At EuroOFF they merging Core + Tiat but they not nerfing adena of Core players... And there are people who after the update will have trillions of adena. If you want to fix the server economy. Make adena 0 to everyone. Put normal adena drop rate and let people dictate the economy. Because that x15 rate for the drop will be the biggest mistake.
  3. 30 што он бил пве/пвп
  4. This is just retarded. You either remove adena all or leave it like it was. Right now there is x15 rate which is stupid. You will make rich people richer and poor people still gonna ... The adena you took from players won't make any difference on prices.
  5. U didn't add sayha because of unbalance. And now you are adding cloaks which bring unbalance. Ask players from ncwest that these cloaks are cancer. I would rather have sayha talisman (which are defence items) then this cancer. Really bad decision
  6. WTB Codes 11-20. Can be and blessed and not. PM L0ve
  7. Hey, are there still some ENG people?
  8. Етих серверов убил не донат. А бесконешни акони. Ви пасмотрите на х5 небил ПТ 2 месйац посли старт. Патому што фсе начили фармит на аконов. Нада изправит ету делу. Как люди будут играт если их просте неберут на ПТ. А загрузит просто 6+ акон и идиот фармит.
  9. helheim x10 & fenrir x5

    Yeah prices to high. Should be atleast 3k baits for maximum