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  1. Crafter lethals doesn't work in TOI btw.
  2. Just add permanently box to l2 store which would contain: Spellbooks 1-3lvl. And codex'es 1-3 in a box).. It would help massively for a new players and even older ones.
  3. If u, make TVT with equal gear then yeah.. If u go with gear u have. Then gg wp. Multishot and u dead
  4. Then we should get those? Off servers preparing for them
  5. http://prntscr.com/qn6hxa Can we also get this? Make them like box and add some random Codexes..
  6. Its actually sad... Now starting in Official costs as much as here(some items even cheaper..). Server market is dead. Either they ask 3x price of item. Or nobody selling it. BOX should be limited to 3. And if you want more buy Premium. Farmers can buy IM and with it buy PA if they want to farm. Donating is not rewarding enough...
  7. If u vote daily 30d. At the end u get dw 3lvl. Can u also add this pls
  8. Why not make dw of choice? Or at least fragment? Literally official is Fiesta with dw. But to get same weapon here is n times harder then there... Why not make dcw 3 instead of 1? Even in off it was 3... Like GC should be easier version of official. So everyone playing here could enjoy endgame content...
  9. You should learn how to do L2 Store promos from Korean servers not from RU/EU officials. They offer so much more in their promos and loot boxes for a reasonable price compared to their salary. RU/EU Officials have a really good example. All servers lack consumables (Ice Roses/ Dragon pots/ EXP pots/ vitality pots etc..) just like here. But check all KR/ promos. They always put consumables to loot boxes and other top items. So the server never runs out of it. And people can progress faster. And with upcoming updates, we need those items all the time. I hope that in future events you will look into the server and players.
  10. I don't get why you need those dragon weapons so much... Even if they will give 1 lvl weapons at event. You won't be able to make them 2-3 lvl if they also won't giveaway dragon claws in event. And I highly doubt that they gonna do it. And 1 lvl weapon will help you neither on PVP nor PVE. Since simple 14-16 weapon on pve will be much better than 1 lvl shitty as a weapon ( on some classes). You should ask for consumables or enchants to make weapons 20-30. Look at Korea more than half players running with 35+ weapon. At the end, yull will one-shot everyone even with 16+ bow since damage output on skills is insane. And 1v1 mage will always own a yull unless mage is retarded and doesn' know how to press buttons. This game has a much more important boost then dragon weapons... And if u can't manage kill dragon with lvl 2 weapon and PVE cloaks its your clan problem. At America yull solo dragons in 30s. In EUOFF dagger solo kills dragons in 1-2 minute.