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  1. the thing between amd and intel is that with amd i get nearly 100% cpu usage with 11 clients (8 with optimize performance) while with intel you can run double with no such problem.
  2. I have AMD. and intel has better 1 core boost performance that AMD doesn't have and this is how l2 works.
  3. just manage to get INTEL CPU and 16 gb ram and ssd
  4. for you is better to go on classic. to get a taste of the game. Awakening is much more things and you will loose it .
  5. Just bring HELIOS. you wont care about events so much. you can exp in groups. supports will exp too. pvp will be on top spots. (raid farming will be alive again) dragons will be with all cc. much pvp and no 10000 new items. ps: Prelude of War + Homunculus killed the game.
  6. If you can't donate a fortune it's better to make some characters and put on afk fishing. also make 105 lv characters and at 104.99 sell them to players for mentee so your main should exp on coal mines then go to ivory craters until 109 - 1110 also make some toons with exalted part 2 because soon will be red libra and you will be able to change brooch stones for boxes and you can make lv4-5 if you got some
  7. I did. But it bring memories of 2016 Gamecoast. Game was more smooth. Than this crap now a days. I don't blame Gamecoast. It is the game that became shit. And I belive Gamecoast can do something better to keep this (dead) game a bit more alive.
  8. Make new server with Helios update. this is not l2 anymore. crap l2store only. Every handless people just donate, make top gear and kill people. There is no skills on l2 now.
  9. best tournament! 7v7 r99 gear (no epics / no enchants) had to pvp 7v7 then 1v1 (everyone different class)
  10. WTS: Greater Topaz Lv.3 Greater Obsidian Lv.3 Dark Leviathan Heavy Set +10 mail offer Daviddor
  11. WTB Lindvior or Valakas Cutter Lv. 1 or Fragment. pm in game: Daviddor
  12. then if you want to ban Dictator you need to ban your DragonWarrior as well
  13. you need to find out a way for this. but i guess there are few ways to make adenski
  14. there will be more items on market in shops. so you will be able to buy for adena eventually.
  15. if you need 1T adena for 1 skill Lv30 price i think is really fine to pay 13k for such skills.
  16. Why reduce that. since some people will have 2-3 pc? And i gave 600 euros to make a better pc to handle many clients for such events
  17. Bleeze

    DiReqt Movies

    A good advice also is to use a tank on pvps :P nice video tho
  18. Bleeze

    Red Libra

    How long Red Libra gonna last? It supposed to finish yesterday!
  19. I wanted to ask if there is any plans to open new server on current Chronicle!!!
  20. Bring back x2 exp. In my opinion at this time of server rates should be increased so it will help newcomers. old people alrd 115+ close to max lvl. so there wont be any problem with that.
  21. Rhianna says 400kkk while he was selling antharas cutter for 600kkk