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  1. you can make a feoh and lvl up to 102-103 and farm seed of hellfire and raiders crossroads good drops
  2. Would love to see a new server. Currently there are people 113 level close to 114 with Dragon Weapons Lv.2. Newcomers can't play on this server. And I know at this period many people searching for a good server. And so far only Gamecoast can have this project.
  3. I think those players already quit.
  4. No because this is a donation item and only 5% will have max lvls and will make big difference on server and many will leave. (I prefer to put rare 6 slot brooch with augmentetion)
  5. @Yanessa And english client missing this item :D
  6. I got same problem
  7. Nevit's Cloak of Light Box30-day will be also on store or just on taro game ?
  8. clan leaders need to empty clan warehouse before merge on x7? cause i got 3 clan warehouse full of items.
  9. what gonna be the rates on new merged server? x17?
  10. x7 almost got some 108 lv feohs :D By the way what will happen to characters that are on same Account? for example on my main account i got Daviddor 107/105 on Asgard and on x10 i got Daviddor 103/102 (will have 2 characters in same account?)
  11. I reported savay like a month ago or more for using tanzanite with 30sec seems nothing changed.
  12. what i realised was that this is not calculating matches by points but by total matches made.... for example on my tank cause i always like doing olys i did olys from first days so this made me have 30 matches and few points... so after this i was always with top pointers. Then I tested with my dwarf dagger to make oly last day from 0 matches. i got all low geared people and even on 110 point i got even low people. so i guess it depends on matches and not points
  13. On x7 when I did olys I had a problem but with points. I had top gear tank and with 10 fights and 60 pts (first days) i was vs Neuroware or Chucknorris or Destiny which they had over 300 points. Also even if i had 20 or 10 pts i was vs those people with 300+/- points.
  14. Only on core is called helios. on x7 n x10 on en client is called amaranthine. even on NA OFF