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  1. you need to find out a way for this. but i guess there are few ways to make adenski
  2. there will be more items on market in shops. so you will be able to buy for adena eventually.
  3. if you need 1T adena for 1 skill Lv30 price i think is really fine to pay 13k for such skills.
  4. will there be patch notes for those people to go along with tests?
  5. Why reduce that. since some people will have 2-3 pc? And i gave 600 euros to make a better pc to handle many clients for such events
  6. Bleeze

    DiReqt Movies

    A good advice also is to use a tank on pvps :P nice video tho
  7. Bleeze

    Red Libra

    How long Red Libra gonna last? It supposed to finish yesterday!
  8. I wanted to ask if there is any plans to open new server on current Chronicle!!!
  9. Bring back x2 exp. In my opinion at this time of server rates should be increased so it will help newcomers. old people alrd 115+ close to max lvl. so there wont be any problem with that.
  10. Rhianna says 400kkk while he was selling antharas cutter for 600kkk
  11. Jotunheim The home of Frost Giants, enemies of Odin from Asgard.
  12. The thing with L2store is that made lots of people to quit. Like my cp we run server since 2016 and we were in the top. with (decent and top gear) and one day they added items on store and some people made the gear we made in 2 years in less than an hour lol.
  13. And please tell me how new players can join x10? Server is full of Dragon weapons Lv2 and Lv1 (x4 lv2) (x2 Lv1) and most of them are in the same clan (impossible to fight them) most people are like 112+ lv. how new players will be able to play on this server?