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  1. Nope. He has break. No money from my pocket, too bad rewards.
  2. I think TDS is renamed to EternalAvatar now (but old guys are not playing anylonger).
  3. Any info?
  4. Well, it is stupid system but it is part of game. Let's hope some future update it will change.
  5. fenrir

    Update #2
  6. fenrir

    Update +7 cloak cost me 3x75 pack (72 luck).
  7. Привет, ребята. Я использую Гугл переводчик. Я понимаю, что вам нужна прибыль и т. Д. Но этот предмет слишком силен и дорог. Я сделал некоторые расчеты в разделе форума на английском (немного удачи - 18 000 руб. За +15 плащ без дополнений). Это дорого даже мне, Cornelia, GOA и некоторым другим людям. Я думаю, вам следует снизить цену вдвое, если вы хотите оставить ее в магазине или лучше удалить ее полностью ... iWolfenstein
  8. fenrir

    Lets make some math... I want +15 elmore... Basic cloak - 124 rub 2x75 enchants pack - 4216 rub (hopefully I will have luck, and also there will not be much fails from +10 down - yeah, you can go with +10 legendary to +0) Legendary scroll x20 pack - 9920 rub (very low chance with upgrade, lets say I will be lucky) Legendary enchants for +15 x100 - 3720 rub --------- 17980 rub for cloak with huge luck... So you can count x2 And yeah augments... Lets make some good ones (500 stones for +10 augment and 500 for +15 augment). basic - 5x100 - 5000 rub for +15 augment - 500*25 - 12500 rub --------- So total 35 480 rub
  9. update

    Nice! Thanks!
  10. update

    Thank you. Btw will we have that feature - no drops from PKs?
  11. mail iWolfenstein
  12. If you still playing... Best way is make your own party and box all characters. There is not much people at low level. I didn't found adventure guide useful (I skipped it) but for people who don't want to invest real money it can be very useful, so it is up to you. At 92 level is good area around Isle of Souls. I was there on macro till 99, then HB cantera spot.
  13. Yeah, quite annoying bug.