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  1. Enjoy He is that 5% and bbl will kill most of people on server even without cloak with his items...
  2. +20 pvp / ferios cloaks op for oly (10 / 20 sec cele on first and last oly match) but impossible for 95% people on server make it.
  3. up @Supervisor @Mark Twain @Yanessa @Abnormal
  4. It is same with dragon weapon skills. On official works different then by us because they "fixed" it.
  5. Thanks for keeping double exp on Storm Isle longer, now I am sad I was lazy 🙃
  6. gz, you killed afk person. but for that you need lvl 3 bow etc? lol
  7. Read more carefully next time...сокровища-маммона/?tab=comments#comment-170290 (from May 20 to June 04)сокровища-маммона/page/6/?tab=comments#comment-173039 (extended by two weeks - to June 18)