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  1. 800 enchants (+ enchants till normal, noble +5) for Radiant circlet +5 during first event, beat it 🙂
  2. +++ We need event with claws / dragon weapons level 1. Issue with claws is that strong people will make lvl. 2 / lvl. 3 weapons and newbies will have 1, so it will not decrease gap... I think better solution is like on ruoff - do some event with lvl 1 weapons (although I already invested to fragment I still prefer second solution).
  3. a

    Jestem hardcorem! GL on server polish brothers :)
  4. I vote no for Topaz. People who will use it are already very strong chars on oly (etheria mages, isses). Mayba it will help tanks, that is all.
  5. I use Google Translator in mobile - there is Camera option. You can focus on RU text and application shows you English text. For screenshots I use
  6. It is old video, old codec (there is now VP9) but I found this very useful. GL
  7. You need improve yours rendering skills - good start
  8. GL in RL. PS send me dragon bow, thanks.
  9. Yeah, on some things you need RU client. They fixed something but still there is a lot of things... About circlets I think they will not change it - same setting is on official servers.
  10. And where is post about restart on EU forum you smartass?
  11. contest

    VK? I don’t think much of English speaking people have it 🙂
  12. Yeah, I have also 1/2 exp now.
  13. Check if you are selecting right server during login.
  14. List updated.