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  2. If you still playing... Best way is make your own party and box all characters. There is not much people at low level. I didn't found adventure guide useful (I skipped it) but for people who don't want to invest real money it can be very useful, so it is up to you. At 92 level is good area around Isle of Souls. I was there on macro till 99, then HB cantera spot.
  3. Yeah, quite annoying bug.
  4. event

    I checked RU client and it is another item which is available on RU client. Before opening 5x admins told that EU community is important for them and they will be fixing this kind of things. It seems nothing changed. Screens EU vs RU store:
  5. event

    Did they restarted server (twice) and they didn't put it to store? I still can't see it.
  6. event

    It can be entered once a day; twice a day for an Entrance Pass purchasable from the game store (200kk). Again missing items in eu l2store?...