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  1. Btw I am using bat file to kill that processes, feel free to edit it. I am noob at this @echo off :loop taskkill /im "l2.exe" /fi "memusage lt 60000" /f timeout 15 goto loop
  2. I think it started after some launcher update long time back. Just kill lineage processes which takes less than 60MB ram (I think you will see them in background processes) and try log again. Sometimes I need repeat process 4-5 times.
  3. I think price is ok. If it was cheaper some people could augment fragments, according obtained augment make dw and transfer to another char on same master acc.
  4. I think chances are ok. Yesterday tried gamble and did two +18. It is just korean random... Sometimes I do from same amount of sticks 5x +11, sometimes 20x +11...
  5. So you will have the nicest bow on the server 😍
  6. Various you are exping +-same speed as my tyrr without PA and exp bonuses. You are doing something wrong.
  7. Also got some dcs at night/morning.
  8. It is not possible, every type of cloak have unique augment. For example you can't have +15% skill power in PVP cloak.
  9. I don't think there is somebody from future Event starts after next restart/update.
  10. It is so easy start new character on this chronicle and especially on this server (rates, transfer items on same master acc)...