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  1. That happen usually to first time buyers until they have confirmation of your identity, its possible that you recieved that error with a link to Paymentwall support system, so you can send them the verification documents. If you didnt recieve it, letme know by PM you pipiload ID and i will take care of it.
  2. Dear Bleeze: For Greece at PipiLoad we have the following payment system active and working Visa MasterCard American Express Bank Transfer Mobile : Mobiamo / Mint
  3. SplichO, send us a ticket on our support system at PipiLoad website, we need more information from you to help you out. Thanks.
  4. Hello Koksas, please send us a ticket on our support, we will check your transaction status.
  5. Hello guys, im a representative of PipiLoad. I would like to clear some doubts. - Our system filters automatically by country the payments types allowed. Thats why each costumer will see different options. - We dont have Paypal enabled at this moment, but we will enable it again soon. - PipiLoad offers more than 120 different payment types worldwide. - We just finished the maintenance our support site, feel free to contact us there with any problem and we will assist you. Our customer support works 24/7. Thanks.
  6. Hello Koksas, im a representative of PipiLoad staff. Whats your country and can you showme an screenshots of what payments you get allowed and the error of your Visa card? I would like to let you know also, that Paypal will be added next week again.