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[LIVE] Changes 01.02.2017

The changes made on the server:

  • Changed the mentoring system: at the end of the course student receives a "certificate", according to the latest hot fixes.
  • Changed the requirements for entry into the lair of Helios: at least 70 people -> at least 49 people
  • Established Event: Make way for Newbies!

    Changes in Store:
  • Changes in the Tarot Game
  •   Game client updated to the latest version

[LIVE] Changes 18.12.2016

Changes on server

  • Olympiad Manager now offers stacks of 100 pieces of reputation to exchange it to 100 Olympiad Symbols 
  • Paddy's (from the Fantasy Isle) dialogue in English and Russian client are the same now
  • The chance of getting Radiant Gemstone Fragment and La Vie En Rose's Radiant Brooch from the Shadai's Jewelry Box was greatly increased.

[LIVE] Changes 26.11.2016

Changes in the Tarot game:

  • Boxes with low-epic removed from the premium game and bonus game and transfered to the regular game. The permanent epics are added to the premium game.
  • Queen Ant's ring is a permanent from now.
  • Drop rate of permanent low-epics was reduced.
  • Drop rate of tickets in premium game was increased.

Event: Items of Red Libra event was deleted.


[LIVE] Changes 12.11.2016

All kinds of "Supply Box" is no longer contain anything until the problem with the clan rewards would be fixed. This is a forced and temporary measure to resolve the problem. At the moment, we are very close to solve this and return reward in these objects after fix.


[LIVE] Changes 1.11.2016

The list of changes for the November 1, 2016:

  • Tarot awards will be updated. 
  • L2 game store will be updated, there will be new decoration items and tickets for the event Red Libra.
  • Activated ability to use a clipboard in the game chat (copy and paste)
  • Changes on the DCS server: removed all double castle hold, ownership of the castles was assigned to the owners according to this topic.

[LIVE] Changes 28.10.2016

The following changes were made:

  • All talismans now are in the general form: in boxes, in recipes, mammon and elsewhere. All users talismans were replaced with correct ones.
  • Event "Master Yogi Returns " is completed. Event NPC removed from the world. Also staffs, scrolls and wonderful crystals were removed from the L2 store and players inventory.
  • Event "Red Libra" is started.
  • The reward for the quest "The Return of Chaos fragments" in Lyon Blackbird (Box stores) were tripled.

[LIVE] Future changes

The following changes will be made on the next maintenance:

1. All Abundance Talisman brought to a common form in the exchanger of Mammon and in crafting ingredients. Inappropriate talismans will be replaced by the correct ones in inventory and in all types of warehouses.


2. The Game on Chances will be added to all Teleportation Masters in the main cities.

The Game on Chances is made up of three games: in each of it you are putting on the line from 1000 to 5 billion Adena and can double, triple or get a tenfold gain.

Once you make your bet and click play there will be offered two options: either to win or lose!

  •      To calculate we use the generator of quasirandom numbers.
  •      The chance in the game is 50 to 50. It is a 50% to win and 50% to lose.
  •      Triple blow: the chance 33.3 (3) to win and 66.6% (6)% to lose.
  •      Bet on the number: 10% chance to win and 90% to lose.

The number of attempts is limited only by the size of your wallet.


3. The option for character renaming would be available in personal account.

To rename your character go to the indicated name of your account and see a list of characters in this account. Next, select the desired character and then type a new name.

You can change a name only 1 time per week for a one game account.


[LIVE] Change 04.10.2016

Changes on the server:

  •      Greatly increased the chance of successful enchantment of the Staff of Master Yogi (by both scrolls)
  •      Increased chance of getting improved rewards for enchanted Staves Master Yogi
  •      Staff to cast "Protection of the mind" is added to the store

[LIVE] Changes 19.09.2016

1. Reward of quest In need of Petras need was changed: the number of fracture energy is increased from 1 to 3.
2. The following Raid monsters will now appear in a view of the time they respawn after reboot:
• Tebot, Theo, Tedjakar, Tekaf
• Krokel
• Turakan
• Isabela
• Mimir

Changes in the system of donations

The system of donations was remade regard to the system of bonuses. Now, when you do one-time donation of more than 500 rubles, you can receive bonuses according to the following table:

    More than 500 rubles - 10%.
    More than 1,000 rubles - 13%.
    More than 2,000 rubles - 15%.
    More than 3,000 rubles - 20%.
    More than 5,000 rubles - 25%.
    More than 10,000 rubles - 30%.
    More than 20,000 rubles - 35%.

Bonuses will be given at the same time with a donation, thus when you are pointing out the donation such as 3500 rubles, you'll get 4200 rubles to the account.

Bonuses are independent of the payment system, ie you'll get them at any of the variants of the donation.


In-game mail - Почта

To avoid problems with in-game mail, delete old mails. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to open the mail in the game.


Чтобы избежать проблем с почтой, удаляйте старые письма. В противном случае вы не сможете открыть почту в игре.



Items auction

Items auction are temporarily disabled. All bets and won lots will be added to characters in their personal storage during an offline of the character.

After corrections auction will be restarted.

Bids of last auction will be returned completely, item in it would not be given.