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  1. Об этом будет отдельная тема с указанием даты и времени.
  2. One more step closer to the opening of Aion on our project: we have updated the game launcher and now you can download the client for OBT. In addition, the user panel is now have option for Aion accounts registration and OBT version of store. OBT has not started yet, you can't enter the game with your created account. Follow the news!
  3. It's often arises the situation when you transfer to the server and you already have some game client, so you do not want to download our full version. In this case, you can update it. To do this: 1. Install launcher 2. Open the main folder of launcher (the folder is on one level higher then launcher.exe location: click on the shortcut of the launcher, select "file location" and rise up to a higher level in the window that opens) 3. Take your existing client, move/copy it into this folder and call the client's folder "aion" without the quotes So you'll have a similar structure: 4. Now you need to run the launcher via a shortcut on the desktop and wait until it updates the client, that's all. Warning: if the protection gives a warning about any dll file, remove aion/bin32 folder and double-check the client!
  4. At the moment there is a preparation for the open beta test. During the beta test, there will be available for all players: surveys with the necessary items (potions, scrolls, boxes of weapons and armor, tokens to get high-level equipment and items to raise level) free shop for test delivery and the items one event on our choice for testing events system During testing, we will adjust and server and: protection from cheats, specially developed for this project the interaction of different game options that we would like to improve immediately (rates, dungeon availability and store items) collecting players proposals on changing gameplay settings (especially drop some rare items, etc.) testing inter-server location Pangaea At OBT will not be available: Premium account Server of beginners Pangaea About the OBT start we will inform you in additional topic.
  5. Dear friends, welcome to project GameCoast.Net. GameCoast is a unique project offering you the highest quality of game servers. We use only the official platform games, there are no defects and problems. We offer you to participate in a unique project - the first in the world a free-shard official version of Aion. It is the original game server with the most recent update of the legendary game. This server is nothing else, as the official platform of the game! Unlike many other projects, we suggest you to play the original game on our project! Why are we better? Our team managed game servers for over a long time, we have supported, accompanied and supervised many of servers, and then we made a decision to open our own unique and high-quality server. We have a truly great experience in this, we have successfully launched for more than six months support and develop our first project - the original LineageII server. It is time to expand the boundaries and offer players a new experience! We offer the original game and a balanced approach to the arrangement of a game world. Our work is based on this fundamental principles: a simplified leveling for all players, original platform, minimum store (donate) and more opportunities for all players. You will receive high-quality, original game with minimal interference from our side and opportunity to affect the formation of the project! We always take into account players view on both the game mechanics and items in the shop. We make your game easier and more interesting! Systems of the game launcher, private office and the whole site are fully developed by our own,. They will make your game a truly simple and convenient, and quality service will provide maximum immersion in the game atmosphere. We do not waste our time to launch mass fleeting servers, we create basic projects and support their life and development. Successful experience LineageII proves it. Aion server, preparing for the opening, will be based on the latest currently available update Aion 5.3: Heroes Revival. We have combined all the factors and all the things that you need for a comfortable game: The main Experience Rate (crafting and collecting, monsters, bosses) - x3 Kinar Drop - x2 items Drop - x3 (this rate is lowered in the official localizations) Abyss Points (PvP and other sources) - x2 Our project works for the players and during the OBT we will collect the necessary information from players to change the most boring game moments of official localization, such as a removed drop of water augmentation from bosses. And not only this! OBT date is still unknown, but we will notify you immediately. Details about OBT are in this topic.
  6. February 21 at 02:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC) will be maintenance. An offline time will be about 30 minutes.
  7. Да, обратно не вернуть, напишите в тех.поддержку и мы Вам поможем с этим.
  8. We don't know yet. AION is coming soon, then will be the next event.
  9. Обсуждать такие сделки нельзя, а задавать вопросы о правилах и том, что разрешено или запрещено, можно. Акк шаринг не запрещен, нельзя обмениваться и продавать. Если Вы даете погонять кому-то свой аккаунт, это администрацией не приветствуется, вся ответственность полностью ложится на Вас самих за такие действия.
  10. Не менялось ничего: 3.6. Запрещен обмен между серверами любых игровых вещей (адены, кинар, голды, оружия, брони, ресурсов и т.д.). Обмен игровыми персонажами и (или) аккаунтами запрещен в любом виде, в том числе в пределах одного сервера. Запрещено упоминать или вести обсуждение таких сделок в игре, на форуме, а также на сторонних ресурсах.Наказание: блокировка всех учетных записей нарушителя на сервере и форуме.
  11. Необходимо закрыть все окна, если не помогает - перезапустить компьютер.
  12. Нужно подождать 5-10 минут и все исправят.
  13. Пожалуйста, обратитесь в тех.поддержку и добавьте в заявку скриншот ошибки.
  14. Обмен аккаунтами даже внутри одного сервера запрещен.
  15. If you did not get the Rinf of Beggin - contact support (if you have won the event).